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Sahara Dream Cars

Cars / Mini Bus / Bike From The latest generation

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Safe Transport 100%

  We guarantee safe and last generation transport. A Park of cars & Mini Bus suitable for all types of your  trips in Morocco. Auto & Mini Bus with air conditioning, audio system, microphone for large groups. Bus / Mini-Bus from 08/14/17 seats, from the latest models of the Hundai / Mercedes-Benz ...

Our vehicles are always under technical control every 06 months, and must be replaced at the latest within 05 years of life. (the laws: /92)

Our drivers are obliged to make a medical check-up every 02 years for blood, sight ... and are chosen and authorized to lead this category of transport. (Tourist Transport)

Cars / Mini Bus / Bike From The latest generation

Safe Transport 100%

Four wheel drive 4x4 with driver

   Vehicles of the latest generation of the Toyota & Mitsubishi 4x4  brand with 05 seats / driver and air conditioning a/c, audio system,  Means of transport suitable for adventurous journeys, trips to the southern part of Morocco and  off-road journeys. 

Safe Transport 100%

Bus & Mini Bus

  Mini Bus & Bus  from 07/08 Seats - 14/17 Seats, All with air conditioning a/c, Mp3 sound system, microphone. Some means of transport suitable for small and large groups, family trips, journeys trips and Morocco historical journeys.

Safe Transport 100%

City Bike & Mountain Bike

  We have at your disposal a park of various types of  VTT/CTT bikes in good condition and from  Giant brand and in various sizes  - XXL - XL - L1 - M1 - M2 - S1 - S2 - S - M, including helmet. Means suitable for cyclists and bicycle riders in Morocco.

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